adj., n., & adv.
1 of less than average height; not high or tall or reaching far up (a low wall).
2 a situated close to ground or sea level etc.; not elevated in position (low altitude). b (of the sun) near the horizon. c (of latitude) near the equator.
3 of or in humble rank or position (of low birth).
4 of small or less than normal amount or extent or intensity (low price; low temperature; low in calories).
5 small or reduced in quantity (stocks are low).
6 coming below the normal level (a dress with a low neck).
7 a dejected; lacking vigour (feeling low; in low spirits). b poorly nourished; indicative of poor nutrition.
8 (of a sound) not shrill or loud or high-pitched.
9 not exalted or sublime; commonplace.
10 unfavourable (a low opinion).
11 abject, mean, vulgar (low cunning; low slang).
12 (in compar.) situated on less high land or to the south.
13 (of a geographical period) earlier.
1 a low or the lowest level or number (the dollar has reached a new low).
2 an area of low pressure.
1 in or to a low position or state.
2 in a low tone (speak low).
3 (of a sound) at or to a low pitch.
Phrases and idioms:
low-born of humble birth. Low Church the section of the Church of England giving a low place to ritual, priestly authority, and the sacraments. low-class of low quality or social class. low comedy that in which the subject and the treatment border on farce. Low Countries the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg. low-cut (of a dress etc.) made with a low neckline. low-down adj. abject, mean, dishonourable.
—n. colloq. (usu. foll. by on) the relevant information (about). lowest common denominator, multiple see DENOMINATOR, MULTIPLE. low frequency (in radio) 30-300 kilohertz. low gear see GEAR. Low German see GERMAN. low-grade of low quality or strength. low-key lacking intensity or prominence; restrained. Low Latin medieval and later forms of Latin. low-level Computing (of a programming language) close in form to machine language. low-loader a lorry with a low floor and no sides, for heavy loads. low-lying at low altitude (above sealevel etc.). low mass see MASS(2). low-pitched
1 (of a sound) low.
2 (of a roof) having only a slight slope.
low pressure
1 little demand for activity or exertion.
2 an atmospheric condition with pressure below average. low profile avoidance of attention or publicity. low-profile adj. (of a motor-vehicle tyre) having a greater width than usual in relation to height. low relief see RELIEF 6a. low-rise (of a building) having few storeys. low season the period of fewest visitors at a resort etc. low-spirited dejected, dispirited. low-spiritedness dejection, depression. low spirits dejection, depression. Low Sunday the Sunday after Easter. low tide the time or level of the tide at its ebb. low water the tide at its lowest.
low-water mark
1 the level reached at low water.
2 a minimum recorded level or value etc. Low Week the week beginning with Low Sunday.
lowish adj. lowness n.
Etymology: ME lah f. ON laacutegr f. Gmc
n. & v.
—n. a sound made by cattle; a moo.
—v.intr. utter this sound.
Etymology: OE hlowan f. Gmc

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